User Experience/User Interface

Public Sector UX Designer

Aug. 2022 – Present, Experience Designer Associate L1

I’m in charge of maintaining the Design System, making edits to wireframes as needed, developing brand strategy, and re-designing home pages. I also help take notes during Usability Testing sessions. I collaborate closely with the developers to ensure the designs are implemented as intended. All designs are 508-compliant.

Clients: NCI, HRSA


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  • Mural
  • Images: Adobe Stock, Flat Icon

Unified Room Booking Service (URBS)

Fall 2019, CS3205 Human Computer Interaction

I was the Prototyping lead during a project that aims to combine three (3) different room booking sites into one in order to improve usability for experienced and inexperienced users. I was in charge of developing the prototype after we conducted user research and gathered client feedback.

The project was completed in 4 phases:
Phase 1: Research, Design, Prototyping, Evaluation
Phase 2: Client Meeting, Contextual Inquiry, WAAD, Requirements, Modeling
Phase 3: Personas, Mental Model, Conceptual Design, Storyboard, Wireframes
Phase 4: UX Targets, Design Refinement, Prototyping, Evaluation, Findings and Changes

I created a click-through prototype in that demonstrated our ideas and recommendations based on user research. The wireframes and prototypes are explained in more details in Phase 3 (Wireframes and Scenario) and Phase 4 (Prototyping).
*Note that the link is currently not active as it was created during a free trial.

Prototype Screenshots

Usability Engineering Course

Fall 2020, CS4501 Usability Engineering

For my Usability Engineering class, I wrote weekly blog reports that document good and bad examples of usability guidelines or principles. The homework and group project assignments helped me explore all the different roles of a Usability Engineer.

Blog Posts